TM Devon Nick Cave

I do not know Nick Cave.

I do know he is a highly accomplished creative music artist/ genius.

I also know he is a parent.

Unfortunately a parent who lost a young son – one of his twin sons – due to very unfortunate circumstances.

My understanding is that it is pretty much for the record that he learnt TM or transcendental meditation as part of his recovery process. If “recovery” is the right word. Does one ever “recover” from this?

Therefore for him to write this article is a big deal. I think it is about as glowing endorsement as one could find in written form of TM. I have read similarly glowing endorsements written in very different ways by people in very different circumstances – for example, Vietnam War Veterans.

I strongly recommend that everyone in the United Kingdom finds a TM teacher to learn TM. A teacher trained either by the Maharishi Foundation or by the Meditation Trust.

Just find a good teacher and learn. And stick at it for at least 3-6 months. You will get your reward. It is a patience thing. It is enjoyable to do.

It is a great technique to gradually improve the condition of mind and body (if you are looking for an immediate quick fix you may want to go elsewhere…meanwhile in the real World most people understand that real & lasting improvement takes time…or mostly takes time).

I am here to teach anyone in Devon who wants to learn with me. You can meet me at Exeter Library at a mutually agreed time. So we can talk together and you can see if you feel comfortable to come along and learn. I would like to think that I am a most welcoming individual – of everyone who may want to come along. If you have disability I can teach you in your own home. No problem.