TM Devon Nick Cave

I do not know Nick Cave.

I do know he is a highly accomplished creative music artist/ genius.

I also know he is a parent.

Unfortunately a parent who lost a young son – one of his twin sons – due to very unfortunate circumstances.

My understanding is that it is pretty much for the record that he learnt TM or transcendental meditation as part of his recovery process. If “recovery” is the right word. Does one ever “recover” from this?

Therefore for him to write this article is a big deal. I think it is about as glowing endorsement as one could find in written form of TM. I have read similarly glowing endorsements written in very different ways by people in very different circumstances – for example, Vietnam War Veterans.

I strongly recommend that everyone in the United Kingdom finds a TM teacher to learn TM. A teacher trained either by the Maharishi Foundation or by the Meditation Trust.

Just find a good teacher and learn. And stick at it for at least 3-6 months. You will get your reward. It is a patience thing. It is enjoyable to do.

It is a great technique to gradually improve the condition of mind and body (if you are looking for an immediate quick fix you may want to go elsewhere…meanwhile in the real World most people understand that real & lasting improvement takes time…or mostly takes time).

I am here to teach anyone in Devon who wants to learn with me. You can meet me at Exeter Library at a mutually agreed time. So we can talk together and you can see if you feel comfortable to come along and learn. I would like to think that I am a most welcoming individual – of everyone who may want to come along. If you have disability I can teach you in your own home. No problem.


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi came to California, USA in early 1959.

He dropped down from San Francisco to Los Angeles on 29th April 1959.

He came with a very simple message – the message was this (this is not literally his direct words but it is a good simple representation of what TM is about).

We, human beings, from his perspective are or have been living a “two dimensional existence.”

That is to say a Life less rich than if we were to live a “three dimensional existence.”

Naturally this would be a mystifying observation when clearly we live in a 3 dimensional World.

However Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was observing from the perspective of the 3 fields of human experience.

What are these 3 fields or layers of human experience?

We all live in this World of doing and action. The World is (at least the World the vast majority live in) is the product of our action and doing.

Every step of ours is the product of doing. The shoes that we wear or the car that we drive. The computer that we use for work or leisure – the car that we drive. The foods that we eat – whether raw or manufactured foods. The buildings that we live in. All the product of action or doing.

However the field of doing or action is preceded by the field of thought. Nothing in our human World is not the product of thought or thinking. The house we live in – as much as it has to be physically built before this it must be designed by the architect. The car that you drive must be designed through thought by the designer – likewise the road that you drive on is designed by a civil engineer.

Or the toothbrush that you use. Or the kitchen knives that you use to cut fruit and vegetables…or the windows in your house to let light in.

So we are all very familiar with this non stop World of thought and action.

From where does this field of thought or thinking come from?

A scientist might observe that this or these comes from the brain.

The response from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi might have been – no.

The brain is the hardware which holds the software which is the mind which in turn holds the firing of neural activity that is our thoughts…

The French philosopher Rene Descartes stated that “I think therefore I am.” From the perspective of Yoga the response of the Yogi might or would be “I am therefore I think” or even “I am therefore I am.”

This might seem a little obtuse. However this is where Maharishi Mahesh Yogi comes in and shines a Light on our situation.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was adamant that our mind and thoughts – and to be honest our whole being – come from the great field of Being. The transcendent field of Being – the field of deep, eternal silence at the basis of all Nature.

And so the Scientist then states clearly comes back and states – again – that our thoughts are the product of the brain.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi comes back to the Scientist and states. For millennia have we been known as Human Doings? No. Have we been known as Human Thinkings? No.

Have we been known as Human Beings? Yes.


How do we access this state? We meditate or transcend on a daily basis using the transcendental meditation technique or TM technique as it has become known. TM is a means by which we can tap into or hack into Being as such.

Our core, essential nature. Deep, undying Silence – and a connection to a deeper Happiness (if we take the Sages at their word). No matter what is going on in our actual lives…this is defined as our core nature (as difficult as that is to believe).

We access the 4th state of consciousness by using the TM technique – which Maharishi Mahesh Yogi described in his book “The Science of Being and Art of Living” published in 1963.

4th state of consciousness? The 3 that Science commonly is aware of are waking, dreaming and sleeping.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi described this 4th state of consciousness as “transcendental consciousness” or Turiya (in Sanskrit).

He stated in his book he stated we gain access to a state of “restful alertness” and to “Transcendent Being.”

The defining work of an eminent young scientist called Robert Keith Wallace seemed to confirm Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s words when it was published in Science magazine March 1970.

He worked in the Department of Physiology in the University of California, Los Angeles and so taken by TM was he that he produced this study of TM.

His friend David Orme-Johnson has stated that the exciting thing about the results of this study and others that followed in the 1970s clearly indicated that meditating regularly takes our mind and body into a better state of consciousness (or mind) and physiology (or body) simultaneously.

That our heart naturally and easily starts beating more slowly and that our breathing likewise naturally reduces simultaneously. We are not looking for these outcomes – that they come automatically following the same simple instruction (given to everyone) for the TM technique given by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

That although our body is given deep rest and likewise our mind it is actually restful alertness – we become more “woken up” in daily life after meditation.

We become more effective in our work and that we even sleep better and there is even improvement in our relations with others.

That the results of research clearly indicated and indicate that mind and body are being taken in the opposite direction of stress while “transcending” or using the TM technique.

Essentially the experience for people is of greater holistic happiness in general life – this is the practical purpose and outcome of the TM technique.

Ultimately the proof is in the pudding. Each individual will only find out with her or his own experience.

Nevertheless TM has now been around in the West for 61 years and counting and the use of TM is unlikely to get less.

In fact in a World in a serious state of division and unhappiness I would state emphatically that it is a very timely moment for all of us to give consideration that TM becomes a significant part of our lives. Just as a simple practice to significantly aid daily life and living.

That we move in the direction of greater or improved health and happiness at the level of mind and body both individually and collectively. TM does not erase personality or individuality – it allows it to flourish and grow.

This is my 1st Blog ever and I did take some time deciding what to write.

The theme that I visit in this blog is not new to this website or to understanding the work of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – however it felt that it was right to acknowledge Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and those eminent scientists, like Robert Keith Wallace, who helped him frame a very sound structure by which we can understand TM.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had a clear vision to uplift humanity by means of improving the health of mind and body of individuals wherever they are with a very simple meditation technique that anyone can learn. He has been and will have been spectacularly successful with this goal.

Putting it simply he wanted a Legacy of his work that there will be greater happiness in humanity. I am confident his plan has succeeded and will continue to succeed.

Therefore I offer deep gratitude in all humility to the great man for his work.

Please feel free to approach me/ TM Devon to learn TM so that we meet either at Exeter Library or in the purpose built building in my garden in Exwick or another venue that makes you comfortable – or approach another correctly trained authority elsewhere in Devon or the United Kingdom.